A new group has formed to help tackle the problem of overflowing rescue centres and abandoned dogs. Set up in the memory of beloved rescue dog Pebbles, Pebbles Legacy aims to re-home dogs and give them a second chance at finding a loving forever home.

Run by Julie and Mick Brace in North Staffordshire, the initiative was set up as a way of remembering the couple's late dog, who sadly passed away due to health problems created by her previous owners.

Pebbles had been a breeding dog, and this excessive breeding led to the development of tumours that eventually claimed her life.

The group has been capturing the hearts of the local area, and has been nominated in The Sentinel's 2015 Our Heroes Awards under the Community Group of the Year category.

Speaking to the publication, Mick Brace said: "We're really proud of the nomination, and it's a great way to honour her memory.

"We're hoping that by the end of the year we will have charitable status. It's not just about re-homing animals, we also focus a lot on awareness events and to promote how to care for dogs.

Pebbles Legacy has no kennels or facilities of its own, instead paying for other locations to take care of the dogs it re-homes. The funding it provides helps cover the costs of looking after rescued and abandoned animals, as well as those whose owners are simply unable to care for them any more. These costs include veterinary bills and the cost of trainers and behavioural specialists, all of which can often be both necessary and particularly high in the case of dogs who have been mistreated.

Written by: Hannah