Our beloved dogs require a lot of care and, when multiple members of your household are responsible for providing that care, things inevitably get confusing from time to time. Perhaps you get home from work and wonder if your pet has had his afternoon walk, or you wake up on your day off unsure whether he has been fed? Well, technology is here to help.

Designed to make it easy for dog owners to keep track of their pet's meals and walks, DogSync is an app that allows your family (or whoever is taking care of your pooch with you) to see when your dog was last fed and taken for a walk.

Each member of the 'Pack', as you and your fellow dog owners will be called, can post what they have done with your dog and when. For example, your partner might post that they fed him at 8am, while your daughter took him out for his morning walk at 9am.

At any time, any member of the Pack can look at the app and see what's already been done - so, your pet won't accidentally wind up with three dinners (as much as he might like that!), or go without his lunchtime walk in the park.

Plus, you can also use the app to ask other members of the Pack to take care of your dog - for example, you could ask your child to take him for a walk if you are going to be late home from work.

Currently available on iOS, the app should shortly be available on Android too. A host of new features are set to be released, including tracking how much your dog is eating so you will receive an alert when you need to buy more food.

Written by: Hannah