While everyone loves a playful fluffy kitten, days spent litter training, retrieving curious youngsters down from trees and coping with scratched furniture can leave new cat owners feeling worn out.

Therefore, if you're thinking about bringing a new cat into your home but haven't got your heart set on a kitten, it may be worth considering taking on an older moggie as your new pet.

While there are numerous breeders out there with a selection of pedigree kittens, there is also a whole host of animal shelters currently looking for owners for older felines who need to be rehomed through no fault of their own.

Although some people may voice concerns about the difficulty of taking on a pet that may be set in its ways, many owners actually prefer introducing an adult cat to their household as the animal's behaviour and personality is already known.

However, while adult cats may not have the same energy as a younger feline, taking on any cat is a real responsibility, so owners will need to be prepared to meet the demands of their new moggie.

Many rescue shelters and centres will neuter, vaccinate and microchip animals before they go to their new home, but owners will still need to cover ongoing costs, including cat food, pet insurance and any extra vet's bills, so be sure that you're in the right position financially to bring home a feline friend.

It's also worth considering how much time you can spare to take care of your new pet as although adult cats are known to very independent, they do require affection and stimulation just like other pets.

A lot of the time cats are happier in pairs so consider taking on a couple of moggies if you have the time and finances in place. However, make sure you take advice from the shelter or rescue centre as some cats prefer to be solitary and many not appreciate another feline on their territory.

Written by: Hannah