When asked to think of traditional cat names, most of us would probably expect Tiddles, Fluffy or Whiskers to be the top feline titles.

However, it seems that when it comes to naming their pets, the cat owners of today are shunning the old classics in favour of more human-style names.

This is according to research carried out by Confused.com, which has revealed that human names such as Charlie and Millie are proving increasingly popular among cats and kittens.

Other favourite pet names for our feline friends, as shown in the research based on cat insurance quotes, include Oscar, Alfie and Gizmo for males and Bella, Fluffy and Poppy for females.

Kate Rose, head of pet insurance at Confused.com, commented that the shift towards human-style names could be reflective of the fact that we now see cats as part of the family rather than just animals we look after.

"This could suggest a tendency towards anthropomorphism," she said. "The increasing popularity of human-style names suggests that barriers are being broken down between pets and their owners."

While many cats are very independent animals that often only hang around in the house long enough for a quick snooze, a cuddle and some cat food, they can also make great companions and are usually very loving family pets.

Therefore, it's hardly surprising that many owners see their animals as human-like with their own individual personalities and characteristics, and choose names that would be just as well suited to a human baby as they would to our four-legged friends.

"Pet owners no longer see themselves as having dominion over their furry pals, but instead see them as true friends and companions, people even, hence the shift towards more human names," Kate added.

"Although it's worth noting that humans have never really had dominion over cats."

Written by: Hannah