Any cat owner will tell you that there's nothing more exciting than bringing a new kitten home for the first time and helping your feline friend settle down into the household.

However, although these first few days will no doubt be filled with lots of cuddles and games as you get to know your new pet, this will also be a rather daunting time for a tiny kitten that has just left their mother and litter mates.

Therefore, it is worth taking some time to make your home as kitten-friendly as possible before your little one arrives and then taking steps to make the transition to their new home run as smoothly as possible.

Before your new four-legged friend arrives, it is a good idea to prepare the house for your new arrival by placing all electrical cords out of reach and clearing away any small items such as rubber bands, buttons and beads.

It's advisable to put the kitten's bedding, cat food, litter tray and any toys or extras in a quite secure room where they will feel safe, and you can then introduce them to the rest of the house as their confidence grows.

You'll also need to decide what to feed your new pet to ensure they get all the nutrients they need to grow up to be a happy, healthy and active cat.

Young cats can benefit from a different kind of diet than adult felines, as their stomachs are smaller and they have different nutrient requirements, so opt for a brand such as Hills cat food, which provides products specifically designed for kittens.

When your kitten arrives home you'll want to socialise them and have them meet all members of the family including any children.

However, this can be an overwhelming experience for a young cat so make sure you and your kids are gentle when handling your new pet and give them time to get used to their new environment.

Written by: Hannah