Given the choice most felines would choose to relieve themselves outdoors, but if you have an indoor cat or a kitten that's not yet had their vaccinations you may well choose to use a litter box.

And in this case, if you want to avoid any little accidents, cat owners will need to know how to train their pet to mess in the litter rather than anywhere else around the home.

A great deal of the time, your kitten will already be comfortable using the litter tray when you first bring them home, as young cats generally learn by observing the habits of their mother.

However, if they seem rather reluctant to use the tray or if they have no clue what it's for, there are a few little tricks to help nudge cats in the right direction.

If you have a very young kitten or an older cat that has joint problems such as arthritis, make sure that you choose a litter tray with a low, wide entrance so they can step in and out easily.

It is also essential to clear the litter tray on a regular basis, as cats like a clean environment so are less likely to use their tray if it is soiled.

Cats also like to relieve themselves in quiet, private areas, so place the tray in a space that is out of the way of too much people traffic, and not to close to where they get fed their cat food.

Some very fussy felines may even show a certain preference for particular types of litter, so if your kitten has come from another home or rescue centre check to see what litter they used there and try and keep it consistent if possible.

And then finally, to help encourage your cat to use the tray gently place them in it after they eat, when they wake from sleep and if you see them show signs such as sniffing, scratching or crouching in a corner, and then remember to praise them when they do go in the litter tray.

Written by: Hannah