When it comes to feeding our feline friends, many owners will find that as soon as they lay down the cat food, their pet will rush over and eat all their dinner in one go.

However, for other owners it's not quite so easy, as certain cats can be very fussy about what they eat and will be quick to turn their nose up at flavours or tastes they don't fancy.

And since not eating regularly or losing weight very quickly can be harmful to your cat's health, Michelle Warfle, Best Friends Animal Society cat manager (www.bestfriends.org), believes that making sure your pet is eating enough should be a priority.

"It may sound obvious, but when it comes to feeding your cat, it is important that your cat eats," she says.

"Feeding your cat the most expensive cat food or the highest grade food will not do your cat any good if he or she will not eat it."

There are a whole range of products on the market that are designed to meet all of your pet's nutritional needs, so it is worth shopping around a bit to find a high quality food that suits your cat's taste buds.

Brands such as Iams or Royal Canin cat food are a good choice for fussy felines as they contain all the nutrients and minerals your pet needs, but also come in tasty flavours.

Michelle also points out that some cats can develop sensitivities to certain types of food, such as chicken or fish, so if you're struggling to decide on the right diet for your pet it may be worth calling in some outside help.

"It is very important for a cat's person to consult with his or her veterinarian when deciding on a brand of food and whether to feed all wet, all dry, or a combination of both," she says.

Written by: Hannah