We all want the best for our pets and many owners will go out of their way to ensure that their animals get the best premium dog food or are treated to luxury cat food treats.

However, while they spend time and energy ensuring that their pets are eating well, what many owners don't realise is that their mutts and moggies could be consuming things around the home that aren't so good for them.

Dog trainer and pet behaviourist at The Pet Experience Sarah Linehan points out that there are a whole range of foods and products lying around our homes that could potentially be hazardous to our four-legged friends.

"With cats it is really just things like flowers, being aware of what kind of disinfectant you are using on the floor, because they are going to walk across that and cats wash themselves," she says.

"So you have got to be aware of furniture polish, bleach and floor cleaners and those types of things."

There are a number of pet-friendly cleaning products available, but the best thing you can do is ensure that you don't leave bleaches or polishes lying around and that your floors and counters are dry before your feline walks on them.

When it comes to dogs, it's more food than cleaning products that you need to be aware of as canines don't tend to lick themselves as much as cats, but they are notorious scavengers.

"Obviously most people are aware that chocolate is very dangerous but grapes and raisins are also very toxic and can kill dogs," Sarah adds.

"Even in small quantities - five or six grapes can be enough to kill a dog and a lot of dogs love fruit so you have got to be careful of [that]."

The rule of thumb is that if you're going to treat your pooch it should be with dog food treats, and all human food should be kept out of reach of curious canines.

Written by: Hannah