Although they rely on us for cat food, grooming and affection, in general moggies are very independent animals that cause little trouble and are very good at taking care of themselves.

However, on the rare occasions that they're sick or injured cats are very dependent on humans, so it is vital that all cat owners prepare themselves for such eventualities.

Serious illness is rare in cats but it does occur, and the same goes for cuts, scrapes and accidents. Therefore, all pet owners should ensure that they have the number of their local veterinary surgery close to hand at home so they can access it quickly in an emergency.

In addition, it's worth checking to see where your local after hours vet is as this may not be the same as your regular surgery and if your pet has an accident you don't want to waste vital minutes trying to find it.

It's also a good idea to have a basic feline first aid kit at home containing things such as blunt-ended scissors, tweezers, gauze, bandages, an old towel or blanket, sterile wash and antiseptic cream.

Many pet shops sell these kits or if you'd prefer you can easily put one together yourself. With your first-aid kit you should store your cat's medical records and a copy of their microchip and identification paperwork, as your vet may require this in an emergency.

If your pet is on any medication this should also be kept in clearly labelled bottles near your first-aid kit so any member of the family can access in and will know how and when it should be used.

Finally, it's worth remembering that many cats get into accidents or are injured away from the home, so if you have a pet that is allowed outdoors it is essential that they have a collar with an identification tag and are microchipped.

This means that if they do get into trouble, you can easily be contacted and aren't left worrying at home if your cat goes missing.

Written by: Hannah