Like it or not, at some point in their lives most cats will have to experience a car journey, whether it's several hours on the road to a holiday destination or a whiz round the corner to the vet.

And while some moggies may be completely unbothered by the experience of car travel, others may get a little bit nervous on the road, so it is worth taking a few steps to ensure that the road trip goes smoothly.

All cats should travel in a secure container that is big enough for them to stand up and turn around, and is well ventilated. There are a number of different carriers available including those in wire mesh, wick and plastic, but the important thing is that you pick one that your pet will be comfortable in.

Since some felines get rather anxious it is best not to feed them their cat food in the hour or two before you hit the road even if it is a short journey as this could leave them with an upset stomach.

It can also be nice for your cat if you put their bedding or something that smells familiar in the carrier with them, as this may help if you pet is prone to getting stressed out.

If possible it's a good idea to build up the length of car journeys gradually to allow your cat to get used to the idea. So start with just a short trip around the block and then try something a little longer when your pet appears to be comfortable and not too anxious.

Finally, it is important that you never leave your cat alone in a car for any significant period of time, especially if the car is hot. Just like dogs, cats can very quickly overheat in a hot car and the consequences can sometimes be fatal.

Written by: Adrian