Footballers may be more renowned for their lavish lifestyles and famous friends than their choice of pets, but Partick Thistle striker Kris Doolan leaves no doubt as to his favourite sidekick.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, the Jags' hitman explained that his jet-black cat, Cole, is his closest companion - and even comes ahead of his fiancee Claire.

"Cole's my boy. He's brilliant. I absolutely spoil him to bits. He's the man," Doolan told the newspaper.

"I'm not sure what breed he is. He's a wee black one. I got him from a breeder in Cumbernauld and he's great.

"If he wants to sleep in the bed, he sleeps in the bed. If he wants to sleep on the couch, I'll move Claire out the road."

Kris added that his teammates at Partick are yet to meet his feline friend, but said that they've heard plenty of stories about him.

"He gets what he wants in my house ... he's some boy," he revealed.

While moggies tend to be independent creatures, it seems like Cole gets plenty of attention from his owner, and it's almost certain that he has a regular supply of quality cat food in his bowl.

And even though felines aren't as demanding as dogs, it's important that we remember they still have plenty of needs that we have to cater for.

Whether that means making sure we're providing them with the relevant food or keeping up-to-date with preventative flea treatments, there are plenty of ways to help our cats lead a happy lifestyle.

This is especially important with summer coming up, and given that many people will be heading away on holiday for a week or two, it's vital that owners make arrangements for a family friend to keep an eye on their kitty in the time that they're not around.

Written by: Hannah