Cats come in an extraordinary array of shapes and sizes, each breed carrying its own distinct set of characteristics. Almost without exception, moggies will purr but that's about as much as they have in common. Each furry fluffball appeals to different owners although a new survey from Asda Money has revealed the favourites among humans.

If you're a rescue cat reading this and hoping for maximum chance of adoption and a bowl of premium cat food from your prospective new owners, your best hope is to have a bath and then get the hairdryer out. The most favoured moggies in the country are the furriest of household pets: the Persian. Thick hair, fluffy tails and a face immortalised in British culture as the cat of all evil thanks to James Bond, it's no wonder these are such a hit.

However, a laid-back and happy temperament has also contributed to this moggy's popularity. While Persians enjoy being the centre of attention, they're also happy to do their own thing when there's nobody around.

If the wash-and-blowdry option is not available, perhaps a dye job is in order for the hopeful rescue cat? British Blues were revealed by Asda's survey as the second most popular breed, with their rotund faces and wide 'smiles' proving an ever-endearing factor to the UK cat lover.

Comfortable around adults and children alike, this 'gentle giant' is the ideal family pet and is particularly noted for its gorgeous blue fur coat.

The final cat in the top three is the Siamese. Unfortunately for the average rescue tabby hoping for adoption, nothing short of radical surgery is going to help them achieve this look. Siamese are one of the most instantly recognisable moggies around.

Slender, elongated and with a very long thin tail, these elegant creatures are a favourite for their personalities just as much as their looks. Known for attempting to join in with every human conversation, their loud mews have made them a firm favourite with everyone from politicians (former British prime minister Harold Wilson employed a Siamese as his travelling companion) to musicians (John Lennon owned a Siamese called Mimi).

Written by: Hannah