Thank you all for your fantastic and festive entries over on our "dress 'em up for Christmas" competition over on our facebook page! All of the entries are below!

Congratulations to our winners:

Lisa Luhman - Albert (Our choice) - wins £15 account credit!

Sue Graziani - Milo & Minnie - Most facebook "likes" wins £15 of account credit!

Lisa Yates - Mabel Paws and Sox Elf win a bonus goodie bag!

Abby Green-Coulton - Frezno

Abby Gree-Coulton - Oscar

Amy Louise - Skye

Amy Skilton - Kizzie

Anne Nicholas - Sausage Santa

Becky Chandler-Smith

Beverley Davies - Herbie

Beverley Davies - Jack, Scooby and Katie

Claire Champness - Little Beau

Elizabeth McGrath - Lola

Gemma Buttery - Neo

Gemma Lewin

Hannah Dyball - Lupin

Hannah Dyball - Lupin

JJo Brook - Bobby

Jo Brook - Florrie

Jo Brook - Maya

Judy Stickney - Armani - Kiara

Kayleigh Maughan - Dylan

Kerry Original Brown - KitKat

Laura Field

Laura Field - Bah Humbug

Linda Vamp - Timber, Bandit

Lindsey Clark - Sweeties

Lisa Yates - Sox

Lynn Duggan - Taz

Nicola Hughes - Jack

Pauline Simmonds - Beau

Sarah North - Zippy

Sarah Sinclair - Willie

Sue Graziani - Milo and Milly

Susan Fitz - Millie

Amanda Lawrence - Ernie

Amanda Wild - Tyson

Angela Farrey - Mario

Ann Hutton - George

Becki Bowman - Dandelion

Becky Chandler-Smith - Sirri

Carys Peet - Tristan

Cassie Tahiraj - Rio

Elizabeth McGrath - Sacha

Eve Barker - christmas Pudding

Gemma Menhenitt - Jake

Gillian Leitch - Callie

Hannah Jones - Pebbles

Jo Brook - Bah Humbug

Jo Brook - Lullaby

Jo Brook - Santa Paws

Katie Manning - Merlin

Kaye Hammie Madden - Lucy

Kerry Original Brown - Captain Cuddlepuss

Laura Field

Laura Field - Sid

Laura Field - Toby

Lisa Luhman - Albert

Lisa Yates - Mabel paws and Sox Elf

Nicki Marshall - Elmo

Nicki Marshall - Skye

Rebecca Holton - Minnie

Sarah North - Fidget

Sinead Francesca Petworth - Joey

Stacy C McBryde - Archie

The Small Pet Shop - Hermann

Leihnie Belcher - Lola

Written by: Simon