What to buy your dog for Christmas

With christmas just a week away, many people will be rushing around to get their last bits of festive shopping done to ensure all the family receive the perfect gift on the big day.

And since most dog owners consider their pooch to be a member of the family, it's hardly surprising that many of these people will be planning on splashing out on a present for Fido this year, as well as the kids and rellies.

However, for doting owners it's all too easy to fork out huge amounts of cash on a present your dog doesn't want or need, and then find that your pup would rather play with the cardboard box it came in.

So to help you with your canine gifts this year, we've come up with a few practical and clever ideas to help ensure your pooch has something special waiting for them under the tree come Christmas Day.


If you could ask your dog what they'd like for Christmas, the chances are that it would be something edible or chewable. However, filling your pup's stocking with fatty treats will do their waistline no favours at all and overindulging on Christmas Day can lead to a sore stomach for your four-legged friend.

What's more, treating your pooch with human food is risky, as not only is this more likely to upset their stomach and help them pile on the pounds, but certain common festive foods such as grapes and chocolate are poisonous to canines.

So if you're going to go down the food route, it's best to opt for a small bag of healthy dry dog food treats and to only feed them occasionally and sparingly.

Alternatively, if you want to give your pet a present they will appreciate all year round, why not use the start of the new year to gradually switch their diet to a high quality brand?

Brands such as James Wellbeloved dog food or Burns pet nutrition are both affordable and tasty, as well as providing your pooch with all the nutrients they need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Toys and accessories

The other good option when picking out a doggy gift is a toy or game for your pooch to enjoy over the holiday season and beyond.

You can't go wrong with the old classics such as a Kong, tug toy or even a few tennis balls, but pet shops will have a whole range of fun options for you to pick from.

Not only are dog toys great as they will help your pooch stay fit and active, but they are also perfect for keeping your pup entertained and out of trouble while you're roasting the turkey and unwrapping gifts with the kids.

Many owners get a little carried away and Christmas and will lavish their pooches with little outfits, such as dog coats and jumpers.

However, although these are fun for us, remember that dogs may get irritated if dressed up, so if you're going to buy your pooch clothes make sure they're comfy and fit them well.

Alternatively, you could treat your pooch to a smart new lead and collar or a luxury dog bed to keep them warm and cosy this winter. Or if you've got a bit of a scruffy mutt, why not book them in for a full groom and spa session and have them looking sleek and shiny over the holiday season?

Whatever you buy your pooch, they key is to make sure that you always have their needs in mind, and to consider what will make them happy and healthy in the new year.

Written by: Hannah