Why choose natural feeding for your cat?

Long before cats were domesticated, these animals used to roam the wild, hunting prey on the plains of Africa, the mountains of India and the forests of Eurasia and the Americas.

During this time, cats big and small would feed on fresh meat from animals such as rabbits, mice and even deer. Therefore, you may find it surprising that now many pet cats are fed on commercial diets that differ significantly from those that their ancestors consumed, despite the fact that their nutritional requirements are still startlingly similar.

Due to convenience and cost efficiency, many producers sell foods that contain additives, preservatives and by-products, which can leave animals with conditions such as eczema, dental problems, flea allergic dermatitis, colitis, food hypersensitivity, lethargy, a dull coat, arthritis and even kidney disease.

However, in recent years more cat owners are cottoning on to the benefits of feeding their pets a diet that is based around raw meat and is far closer to what their ancestors consumed in the wild for thousands of years.

The raw cat food diet is a completely natural way for felines to eat, ensuring that they receive all the ingredients they need to be healthy, fit and active, and avoiding any sub-standard protein sources.

It is similar to the raw dog food diet, in that cats are fed on organ tissue and raw bones, as well as selected supplements, but there are a few differences that owners ought to bear in mind before they switch to this form of natural feeding.

Owners will find that cats prefer smaller, softer bones such as chicken wings and rabbit pieces, and will tend to be rather pickier about what they are willing to consume.

In addition, it is important that your cat's diet is supplemented with fresh fruit, vegetables and grains to ensure that it is varied and contains all the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy.

If you're not comfortable feeding your pet on a raw food diet, you can ensure you are feeding your feline friend as naturally as possibly by opting for a high quality product from a brand such as Iams cat food.

By doing this you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is consuming a balanced diet, without additives and preservatives, yet you'll still benefit from the convenience of feeding a single product.

Many owners notice the advantages of feeding naturally within weeks of switching their cat's diet. Indeed, many people find that in no time at all their pet has a shinier coat, fresher breath, better skin and is more energetic.

What's more, since the food contains all the protein needed to create building blocks in muscle and connective tissue, within time owners may well find that their cat's overall health improves and they become unwell less often.

However, as with any change in diet, it is essential that owners make the switch to natural feeding gradually, or your cat may end up with an upset stomach or refuse to eat their food.

Written by: Hannah