Pet owners often go to great lengths to ensure their dogs are kept safe. On a regular basis this means finding the most premium dog food and taking them for lengthy walks. However, with bonfire night almost upon us, many pet owners will be worried about how they will keep their beloved animals calm and relaxed during this period.

Although many of us enjoy fireworks, they can be very loud and upsetting for all pets, but especially dogs as they have sensitive hearing.

However, there are things you can do to make sure that your canine feels as relaxed and unworried as possible. We've picked out some of the most important advice from the RSPCA about how to keep your beloved animal safe and sound during Bonfire night.

The more preparation you can put in, the better your dog is and the happier your home will be. There are various things that you can plan ahead to make the firework season a happier time for your canine. Although this may be too late to have much effect for Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve is also a popular time for firework displays so you can put this advice to good use.

In preparation
Your vet can help you find the right pheromone diffusers - these spray calming chemicals around your home. If your dog gets very distressed during this time, your vet may even give you medication to calm your canine down. The best thing you can do is address the issue and talk to your vet about the best things for your animal regarding its breed, age and personality.

Building your dog a safe haven can be the perfect solution. It's important that your canine feels it can escape, even if this means allowing them into an area they are not usually allowed, such as upstairs or the living room.

Try and pick the quietest room in your home, away from big windows, and put all your dog's favourite things in there. It's important that your pet feels in control in here so don't fuss with them if they head into this space. You can even put a new toy in this area, or buy a collection of new toys and swap them around. This will allow your dog to distract itself and associate the room with a positive and exciting experience.

When the fireworks start

It's important to reduce the noise as much as you can so shut any windows and turn off any lights in your doggy safe haven. You should also draw any curtains to make sure the sudden flashes of light don't upset your pet either.

It could be good to get your dog into a routine around this time of year. So after you've had your tea, take your pet into its safe area and play with it, and then go and sit down. It's important to not force your dog into doing anything as this could stress it out and your pet needs to have some control around this period.

Taking your dog out for a long walk, before the fireworks start could also really help your dog settle down for the night.

Written by: Hannah