Great Christmas gifts for your pooch

Christmas is only a week away, which means the time is almost here to celebrate with family and spoil loved ones with lovely gifts. This doesn't just mean treating your human family members, after all, your dog is part of the family too.

With this in mind, there are some great toys and treats you can get for your pooch this christmas to make the day special for them too. Here are some ideas that will make your dog happy on December 25th.


No matter what age your dog, there is sure to be something they enjoy playing with. Whether they enjoy having a run around, catching things or simply cosying up to something cuddly. This is why toys are such a great idea for your pet.

However, it is a good idea to bear in mind the fact that cold temperatures mean less time outside for your dog. This means that buying toys that are suitable for indoor use is a good idea, as you can start playing with your pooch straight away.

Something like the Chuckit! Ultra Tug is a great choice if you want to be able to be very interactive with your pet. It allows you to play a controlled game of tug in a comfortable way for both you and them.

The toy is also a great choice for playing fetch when you're out and about so is sure to become your dog's favourite.

Alternatively, you can go for something a bit less active, like a Woodland Knotty, which is perfect of your dog likes to carry their toys around and pop them in their bed.


Another great gift and fun way to keep your dog entertained when they are stuck inside this winter is a game. These not only help your dog stay active, they also help to teach your pooch something and reward them when they figure it out.

Something like the Nina Ottosson Interactive Game Dog Magic is a brilliant way to have fun with your dog this Christmas. It is quite easy for your pooch so is suitable for a range of ages.

The game essentially allows you to place treats under bones on the board. Your dog then has to sniff out the treats and dislodge the bones to get them. You can vary the level of difficulty by changing where you put the treats and the number of bones you place them under.

For a more active game that is suitable for when they are outside, you could get them Clix Agility Weave Poles. Whether you are training for a show or just want to get them more active when in the garden, this is a fun way to get your pooch moving.

The set comes with six poles, which you can set up at different distances apart depending on the size and ability of your dog. it also comes with a carry case so you can take it with you when the weather is good enough for the park.

You'll find that your dog enjoys the added fun to their exercise, while the game can also help train your pet.


Of course, you could always give your pooch something you know they'll love this Christmas by gifting them some of their favourite edible treats. You can even wrap the pack up and see if they are able to unwrap it, adding an element of fun to the day for them.

Written by: Hannah