Enteroporc Coli is a vaccination containing inactivated fimbrial adhesins of Escherichia coli and aluminium hydroxide as adjuvant.

It is used to stimulate active immunity in pregnant gilts and sows against E. coli which in turn results in the passive immunisation of piglets. E. coli infection can cause severe diarrhoea and even death in piglets, vaccination of the sows aims to reduce the severity of these clinical signs. Immunity is established 12 hours after birth and lasts for the ‘first days of life’. ty is ‘first days of life’.

The product has only just received a positive opinion for initial marketing on the 5th November 2020 so it will be a while before it is released onto the veterinary market. We will provide more information on the product when it becomes available.

If you have any specific questions regarding Enteroporc Coli please contact our customer services on [email protected].

Written by: Dr. Nick Garside BVetMed MRCVS