Nobivac DP Plus is a vaccine against canine distemper virus and canine parvovirus for use in puppies from 4 weeks of age. It should be on the veterinary market in the near future.

Most vaccinations are usable only from 6 weeks of age, however this vaccination is available from only 4 weeks of age and therefore can help protect puppies against these diseases even earlier. Onset of immunity is 3 days for parvovirus and 7 days for distemper which is relatively quick. This will help pups overcome the so-called “immunity gap” which is the period of time where maternally derived antibodies have dropped below protective levels against the viruses but routine vaccination is not available yet. This is also particularly beneficial for puppies who have missed out on the maternal-derived antibodies through their mother’s milk, or if their mother has not previously been vaccinated.

Written by: Dr. Nick Garside BVetMed MRCVS