“100% natural, made locally, no nasties, no meat-meal, freshly prepared, premium ingredients…”. All phrases that pet owners are familiar with, and all phrases that are common to defining the ever growing number of dog food products on the market. So how do you determine which is best for your dog?

Naturediet are proud of our honest labelling ethos and promotion of valid claims. Founded over 40 years ago, we are the original natural wet dog food manufacturer in the UK. A forward thinking, eco-conscious company we are the first UK manufacturer to use Tetra Pak as an alternative to plastic trays, pouches, cans and single-use packaging.

In all our recipes we only use the best possible ingredients, all sourced from the UK with 40% procured from East Anglia, close to our Norfolk factory. We don’t use chemicals, artificial preservatives, colourants or flavourings. We don’t use broth or stock to boost protein levels, nor do we use fillers or bulking agents.

Our recipes have limited ingredients - this means that there is nothing in a Naturediet meal that your dog does not need. They all have a high, pure meat or fish content - so more quality protein, essential fatty acids and general goodness. Our single-source protein meals have exactly that, so for a dog that may suffer from allergies or a sensitive tummy, you can be sure to know what you are feeding them. All meals are complete, meaning that we have added all the essential vitamins and minerals that a dog required for a healthy balanced diet.

Tetra Pak cartons add another dimension to Naturediet’s wet food benefits and goodness. The innovative packaging allows for a gentler cooking process resulting in less cooking time. This allows the food to retain its goodness, keeping the food inside fresher for longer and minimising the oxidation of meat (where the meat, although thoroughly cooked, looks pink in the middle and brown on the outside). No one likes an overcooked dinner, so why would you give that to your dog?

And the environmental benefits? Tetra Pak is widely recyclable in the UK, being primarily made of FSC certified paperboard. The packaging company has its own recycling plant in the UK, enabling its cartons to be remade into everything from roof tiles to toilet roll cores. The single piece of packaging makes it smaller and more compact meaning less lorries on the road, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint for Naturediet, and in turn, its valuable customers.

[Copy supplied and written by Naturediet]

Written by: Visitor