VioVet's Refer a Friend Scheme Closure

When is VioVet's Refer a Friend Scheme ending?

The 5th June 2020 is the last day you will be able to refer a friend. After this date, all methods of sharing, including previously generated sharing links, will be disabled and you will be unable to refer anyone to us.

The scheme will fully close on the 12th June 2020. If you referred a friend prior to this they must place their first order on or before 12th June in order for you to be rewarded for that referral.

If the friend you referred places an order after the 12th June 2020, you will not be entitled to a referral reward.

Will I still be able to use my voucher code when the scheme ends?

Yes! Your voucher code will remain valid until it's expiry date. You can find your expiry date alongside the voucher code in your email.

Will I still be rewarded I referred a friend and they use their code after the scheme ends?

If the friend you referred redeems their code after the 12th June, unfortunately you will not be rewarded for that referral as the scheme will have closed.

If you have any further questions which aren’t answered here, feel free to email [email protected] and the team will assist.

Written by: Hannah