With all this uncharacteristically mild weather, you might have noticed a few flies and midges flitting around, making a nuisance of themselves. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of all our top-selling fly products, designed to save horses a lot of discomfort and bother.

As we’ve seen with recent weather, it’s never too early to start preparing your arsenal of fly deterrents, including sprays, lotions, and masks. Even if the mild weather passes as quickly as it came, you’ll be ready for the next unexpected hot spell, and the likes of sweet itch and related issues won’t have chance to rear their ugly heads!

Deosect – a favourite with many of us, Deosect is our go-to fly, lice and midge insecticide, developed to deter pesky critters that bite and aggravate horses.

Leovet Power Phaser – a long-lasting deterrent spray/gel that offers complete protection, even when your horse sweats. Adheres to the skin for up to 7 hours and works against horseflies, ticks, and all biting and non-biting flies.

Nettex Itch Stop Salve Summer Freedom – not just for summer, this soothing salve repels midges and is weather-resistant, so you can be sure your horse is protected no matter what. With properties to sanitise and disinfect existing sores, it helps break the itch/scratch cycle.

Horsewise No Flies Naturally – formulated with tea tree, this pesticide-free spray is great if you prefer a more natural approach, without compromising on effectiveness.

NAF Off Citronella Gel – a long-lasting gel which protects against flying pests like midges, flies and mosquitos. Easy applied, either by hand or with a sponge.

Mark Todd Waterproof Fly Rug – perfect for protecting against flies and light rain showers, this rug is a great all-rounder and perfect for spring/summer.

JHL Ultra Fly Relief Combo Rug – new and improved, with a neck cover and higher UV filter, this is a great rug for horses that need full body protection from biting insects.

Bucas Buzz-off Zebra range – includes a riding rug, full neck, and sweet itch rug – all with the same striking zebra print and offering complete fly protection.

Mark Todd Fly Mask – with a number of 5-star customer reviews, this soft but durable fly mask will help keep your horse fly-free and comfortable this summer, with close-fitting elastic to stop troublesome insects entering the mask.

If you have any recommendations for must-try fly products, feel free to comment below for our other readers!

Written by: Hannah