They say that your health is your wealth and we’d like to introduce you to a global pet health company who place your pet’s health at the centre of everything they do – Homeopet.

This family owned, natural pet health company has been helping animals all over the world for 25 years and their belief that ‘your health is your wealth’ is placed at the heart of everything they do.

We’re all aware that there’s a growing world-wide trend towards a healthier, more active and more natural way of living. We increasingly seek out more natural ingredients from the supermarket shelves. Processed food is occupying less shelf space in our kitchens. And more and more people are turning to natural medicines to reduce stress, relieve chronic pain and treat other ailments.

These same healthy lifestyle choices can also be hugely beneficial for your pets.

According to Dr Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom, co-founder of HomeoPet and co-formulator of the HomeoPet natural pet medicine range, “there is a worldwide trend towards a more holistic approach to pet health. ‘Integrated’ health care for pets can combine the best of conventional veterinary medicine – including diagnostics like blood tests and x-rays, pharmaceuticals and surgery – alongside diet and nutrition, supplements, herbal and homeopathic formulas, physiotherapy and acupressure and acupuncture.” And all of these elements help us to achieve our ultimate goal of improving our loyal, four-legged companions’ quality of life.

“Everything starts with nutrition, but when there’s an underlying condition, the body – ours or our pets’ – can require extra help to alleviate the symptoms and aid our natural ability to self-heal. The body has natural self-healing abilities but when that system is disrupted, it needs support to rebalance the self-regulatory system.”

And this is where holistic health care can reap huge rewards.

HomeoPet manufactures a range of natural pet medicines that are targeted to provide support to your animals’ own natural healing system and bring relief “without side effects”.

Natural, Homeopathic Pet Medicine

Homeopathics are based on very specific ingredients that work on the deepest causes of illness as well as the symptoms. Homeopathy does not mask or suppress symptoms but instead causes a reaction in the body to return natural balance and help the body to work with its own defense mechanisms. For example, Arnica has been used for centuries to help alleviate bruising and swelling and is an ingredient found in several of HomeoPet's products, including Healing Cream, Joint Stress and EquioPathics Musculo Skeletal.

Natural options come in different forms which can accommodate different pet’s needs, such as those who won’t take a pill. For example, HomeoPet medicines come in the form of liquid drops, which have the advantage they can be added to treats, food or water, making them incredibly flexible and it can be far easier to get your pet to take the treatment. No more wrestling with distraught felines trying to force a tablet down their throat!

The HomeoPet range of 100% natural pet medicines are safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals. Manufactured according to the highest standards and according to proven formulas, HomeoPet have remedies for a wide range of issues that your pet may face, from behaviour, anxiety & stress to recovery & healing, upper respiratory, skin & coat or worming.

And, like all good pet care companies, if you have any questions relating to the HomeoPet range, or natural health care in general for your pet, feel free to get in touch. HomeoPet’s team of trained pet care staff are on hand to answer your questions.

Written by: Homeopet (Guest Author)