Having a pet go missing is traumatic whatever the circumstances. Even if you’re used to your cat coming and going, anxiety can strike quickly if you can’t find your pet in all its usual haunts. For those of us whose pets are prone to roaming and escaping, panic is a daily emotion we could much rather do without.

Determining if your cat is inside or out before leaving the house or turning in for the night also wastes endless time and brings stress at exactly the wrong moment. Even “innie” cats that are housed exclusively indoors can go missing every now and then and need to be located before they get into trouble.

Until recently, there has been very little on the market to help us locate missing pets – that is, until the Loc8tor Pet Tracking Device became available! With this device, you no longer need worry whether your cat has strayed too far or your dog has dug its way into the neighbour’s garden.

Simply turn on the device and wait for its light and audio signals to guide you to your pet. The Loc8tor is also great for learning quickly whether your pet is inside or out, without needing to pinpoint its exact location. This saves time and stress and gives peace of mind that your pet is always where you want it to be.

Consisting of a slim handheld remote that bleeps and flashes to set you on the right path, as well as two lightweight homing tags that attach to your pet’s collar, the product is easy to operate, has a good range (122 metres) and comes highly recommended by our customers. Able to locate pets in the local vicinity and further afield, the Loc8tor is the only one of its kind to track pets and alert you to their whereabouts.

A single Loc8tor kit can help protect 2 pets, including maybe a dog and a cat, although cats are much more likely to benefit from it. It may be that the reason your cat hasn’t checked in during the day or returned at dinner time is because it is actually trapped inside a garage or stuck up a tree.

Even worse, your cat may have been attacked by other cats, stolen by a neighbour, or even been hit by a car. Dogs prone to escaping may have suffered a similar fate. With the Loc8tor Tracker, all you need do is switch on the device and wait for it to guide you in the right direction. Because the homing tags bleep and flash when the handheld remote is activated, it is very easy to train your pet to return when called.

Simply call your pet in at mealtimes and activate the device. This will then trigger the homing tag (attached to the pet’s collar) to bleep and flash, helping it to associate these signals with a tasty meal or treat. The bleeping also tells your pet it is being sought, making it more likely to make an appearance. Hopefully, in time, you should be able to activate the device and wait for your pet to come to you.

If you have already invested in a Loc8tor Pet Tracking Device, please let us know how it helps you! We have heard all sorts of success stories, from puppies being found trapped inside rabbit warrens, to cats stuck on roofs and in garages, tortoises found beneath sofas, and even chicken eggs discovered beneath a tree after tracking the hen.

If you own a cat or dog that is prone to roaming and escaping, why not give Loc8tor Pet a try? Not only is it effective at finding your pet quickly, it offers you complete peace of mind so your animal can enjoy its time outside without being restricted to playing only where you can see it.

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Written by: Hannah