Going to summer camp with your horse is one of the most exciting things on the calendar and every horse lover’s dream. A week of nothing but horse-related activities – what could be better? You’re in the great outdoors with your best friend, spending the day in the saddle and the evenings under the stars.

Whether it’s your first time at camp or you’re a seasoned camper, there is always lots to remember so having a checklist and being prepared can really help you get the most out of camp.

  • Taking the correct equipment with you is crucial. You can find comprehensive checklists online but some of the essentials include: riding clothes for instruction days (jodhpurs or breeches, riding hat and body protector, riding gloves, jodhpur boots, long-sleeved shirts and high visibility clothing for rides out), riding clothes for competition days (jacket, long-sleeved shirts, white or beige jodhpurs, Pony Club tie and badge, hairnet etc), as well as all your leisure/casual clothes and everything for your horse (headcollar and lead rope, bridle, saddle, girth, saddlepad, rugs, grooming kit, feed etc).
  • Before you go, check if they provide bedding as some camps do, while others require you to bring your own, including a sleeping bag and pillow.
  • It goes without saying that your horse should be completely fit before going to camp. You’ll be asking more of them than usual, so your horse needs to be ready and raring to go.
  • Likewise, you may want to adjust your feeding to include electrolytes and other supplements you think would be beneficial.
  • A first aid kit is always a useful thing to have with you.
  • Take a camera as there’s bound to be hundreds of photo opportunities during the week/weekend and you don’t want to miss a thing!
  • Use the opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships. You’ll be mixing with lots of like-minded people who are all passionate about horses, so you’ll have plenty in common with them. Take part in the social side of camp as much as possible, including communal meal-times.

If you’ve experienced camp before, we’d love to hear how you found it and how you ensured you got the most out of your time there! Comment below and share it with our other readers.

Written by: Hannah