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6 things dog owners love about spring

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6 things dog owners love about spring

There’s no denying what a long, cold winter it’s been, with the ‘Beast from the East’ delivering a final blast of bitterly cold conditions across much of the UK. But thankfully all that seems to be behind us, with spring arriving finally, and the sun emerging blissfully through the clouds.

For dog owners, this will come as a welcome relief, especially with regard to daily dog walks and being active outdoors. We’ve asked some of the dog parents in our office to tell us what they’re looking forward to most about spring.

  1. Sunny strolls – forget slogging through knee-high mud and battling snow and sleet, wind and rain just to let your dog out to stretch its legs, and look forward to warm, leisurely strolls in the spring sunshine or doggy play dates in the park.
  2. No muddy paws – the nicer weather means there are fewer muddy puddles for your dog to find, and therefore fewer muddy paws to clean when you get home.
  3. Easier toilet trips – letting your dog out to do his business is far easier when you don’t have to don your raincoat and wellies and then clean up mucky footprints when back inside.
  4. Lighter evenings – putting the clocks forward is a bit of a drag at the time, but longer days are great for those of us who work and get home early evening needing to walk their dogs.
  5. Free play in the garden – come spring, your dogs will be itching to get in the garden and take in the glorious colours, sights and scents of the changing season.
  6. No need for coats – put them away for another year and forget the faff and rigmarole of wrapping your pooch up nice and warm every time you set foot out the door.

If you can think of anything else that’s great about spring, we’d love to hear it! Feel free to comment below or email me directly: [email protected]

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26th Mar 2018

A dog happy to lie outside in the spring sunshine rather than in the most inconvenient position on the floor inside the house. Birds and squirrels in abundance to investigate and occasionally chase providing additional activity in addition to that provided by the owner

27th Mar 2018

2.----fewer muddy paws? I still have 4 of them all year round, but, woof, fewer days when they need to be cleaned!

28th Mar 2018
Customer Since: October 2014
From: United Kingdom

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my Teddy run around in the sunshine with his mates at the park!

28th Mar 2018

Walks along the beach

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