When did you last check your pet’s teeth?

Unfortunately, dental hygiene in pets is often overlooked, either because it’s too stressful, too time-consuming or because we’re not entirely sure what we’re looking for when we open their mouths. But ignoring your pet’s oral health can lead to a number of problems, ultimately resulting in bad breath, gum disease, tooth loss, and expensive visits to the vet.

If only pets actually enjoyed having their teeth cleaned, wouldn’t life be so much easier? Instead, staying on top of dental care can be a bit of an ordeal for both you and your pet. But it needn’t be that way.

OraFresh Oral Hygiene Paste is specially formulated to suit all cats and dogs, whether they accept brushing or would rather lick it off a paw. The paste is gentle and palatable, with a tasty poultry flavour, and contains mild polishing beads to help break down and remove plaque from the teeth.

It also contains a complex of naturally occurring enzymes involved in reducing bacteria which causes bad breath and dental disease, as well as maintaining the overall health of the mouth. The adhesive formula ensures extended hold to the teeth and gums, providing sustained protection that lasts the day.

Apply OraFresh once daily after food directly to the teeth and gums, and do this on both sides of the mouth, using your finger if your pet won’t accept a toothbrush. For cats, it might be easier to apply to the paw to be licked off.

An easy to use, effective paste that gets to work quickly and provides long-term support when used regularly, why not give OraFresh a try and make it part of your dental care routine?

Written by: Hannah