For many of us, the words ‘love’ and ‘winter’ don’t really seem to go together. We tend to remember the muddy, waterlogged fields, frozen taps, miserable weather and darker days of last winter with a sad, sinking feeling, knowing it’s all about to start again.

That said, there is still much to be positive about with the coming of winter, and actually, many things to look forward to, in spite of the darkness, mud and torrential rain.

  1. No flies or midges – hands down, this has got to be the best thing about the winter months. Forget bites, bald patches from constant rubbing, skin traumas and irritation, and everything else unpleasant associated with pesky summer flies. For Sweet Itch sufferers, the coming of winter signals an end to uncomfortable symptoms and a few weeks of sweet relief.
  2. The warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing your horse is warm and dry in the stable – made even greater when the rain is hammering down outside and your horse is snug inside, with a full hay net and a freshly laid bed.
  3. It’s easier to control your horse’s weight – good-doers can be particularly hard to manage in summer when the grazing is good and you constantly need to restrict how much your horse is getting. In winter you have much more control over what your horse is consuming.
  4. The sight of a freshly clipped horse – not only is this a practical measure to prevent your horse from catching a chill and cut down on grooming time, it also looks nice and smart.
  5. Crisp, sunny mornings that are perfect for hacking out – the chill in the air only adds to the moment, along with the frost-covered fields sparkling in the sunshine.
  6. Hot horsey breath on a cold winter morning – something only those with horses will fully understand, this truly is one of life’s little pleasures in winter.
  7. Getting to wear your new winter jacket and thermal breeches what could be better than cosy new clothes just in time for the colder months ahead.
  8. Going to Olympia or, failing that, watching it on television – if you’re lucky enough to get tickets, this alone is enough to be excited about in winter. If not, watching it on tv is the next best thing in the lead up to Christmas.
  9. The hunting season is here – if you’re a fan of hunting, then this is an exciting time of year!
  10. Softer ground (unless icy) – although it does come with its disadvantages, softer ground is easier on your horse’s joints and can also make riding easier and more enjoyable.

In short, there is as much to be positive about as is there to be negative, so we might as well embrace what winter has to offer and make the best of it.

If there is anything else you look forward to in winter, please share it with our other readers by commenting below!

Written by: Hannah