Here's an overview of the recent caninsulin testing for your attention. Please bear in mind that we will not be switching to gel ice packs until January.

Getting the conditions right:

Each test involved packaging an insulin vial in the temperature controlled envelopes with the varying ice and gel packs. The ice packs were not to come into direct contact with the vial. All tests carried out were for 24 hours as a minimum and tests were checked with an infra red thermometer upon opening, and temperatures logged. The temperature was always recorded by testing a porous surface (the label on the vial itself) for its temperature, as per the directions of the thermometer.

What were the tests?

All in all there were 8 seperate tests over 3 instances. These were as follows:

Test 1 - Standard envelope with ice pack
Premium envelope with ice pack

This was a 24 and 48 hour test performed in-house (as we wanted to see if the premium envelopes could manage 48 hours).

The temperatures recorded were at 7.4 degrees and 6.9 degrees respectively. The envelopes were opened 24 hours after packing to see if they were still below the minimum required temperature, which they were. We resealed and tested at 48 hours and they were both at 17 degrees.

Test 2 - Standard envelope with gel pack premium envelope with gel pack

This test was as above but put through the delivery chain by sending out through FedEx to ourselves. Caninsulin was packed at 10am and treated as a regular order would be. It was delivered the next day at 11am (25 hours), and the temperatures recorded were 2.5 and 3.1 degrees respectively. The standard outperformed the premium but this is unimportant as both were well within range.

Test 3 - Standard envelope with ice pack
Premium envelope with ice pack
Standard envelope with gel pack
Premium envelope with gel pack

As mentioned before these were delivered by FedEx 22 hours after packaging but not opened until 24 hours had past. The recordings were 3.3,3.3,3 and 2.9 degrees respectively.

In conclusion, we think that for peace of mind we should change to gel packs as of January. As the tests have shown, all variations passed the minimum temperature requirements so we are not concerned about using ice packs in the interim period or in the future.

You can read Hydropac's guarantee here (gel ice pack manufacturers):

Written by: Hannah