Having pets is lovely and we wouldn’t change them for the world, but there are times when they produce a lot of mess and we have a job on our hands clearing up after them.

Whether you’re scrubbing it off the floors, picking it up on a walk, brushing it off your clothes, or collecting it out the litter tray, there is ample mess to be dealt with every day. To help make your lives easier, we’ve highlighted some great products for mess management, including nifty poo-picking tools, fragrant litters and deodorisers, and washing machine filter bags.

Ancol Dog Poop Torch – this practical item is a must-have for all dog walkers. Combining quality poo bags with a functional LED torch, the product is multi-purpose and will help aid visibility when walking at night, as well as enabling you to locate your dog’s mess.

Company of Animals Arm’s Length Poop Scoop – perfect for removing mess from the garden, this innovative device allows you to clean up without bending down and comprises a removable head that is easily clipped together and cleaned.

CarPet Hair Remover & Cleaner – this product will help keep your carpets, clothes and upholstery hair-free and is great for use on-the-go. Simply wipe surfaces with the CarPet and see how it lifts, gathers and removes pet hair.

Stain solutions – check out our wide range of cleaning products designed to remove stains and odours from carpets, hard floors, patios and decking, and even directly from your dog! Popular products include the Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover, Animal Care Stainaway, and Absorbine Showsheen.

Poo Guard – a new product for killing bacteria and viruses left on the ground after a mess has been cleaned up. Protect against Parvovirus, Streptococcus, Enterobacter and Salmonella in a single spray.

FURminator – a well-groomed pet is going to shed less hair all over the house. The FURminator professional grooming tool is one of the most effective tools on the market and lifts and detangles hair with minimal tugging, resulting in a smooth, shiny coat.

Pet Hair Washing Machine Filter Bags – a practical solution to washing machine and drain blockages, this ingenious item is ideal for pet owners that regularly wash pet bedding, dirty numnahs, and even hair-covered clothes. Simply place fabric items inside the bag, then wash and spin as normal. You can then remove your items and re-use the bag. Bingo!

Petkin Cat Litter Deodoriser – simply pour in your kitty’s litter tray to quickly alleviate odours and replace them with a gentle aromatherapy fragrance. Containing no harsh chemicals, this product is safe for use around pets and is great in a multi-cat household.

Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady Spray – this novel spray has a pleasant strawberry orange lemonade fragrance and is used to deodorise and freshen up the air around the house. Can be used anywhere and everywhere for a sweet-smelling environment, free from unpleasant cat odours.

Pet mats – keep the space around your pet’s food and water bowls clean by investing in a non-slip dinner mat. We also stock a selection of door mats and runners to protect your floors from muddy paws and damp coats.

If you’ve ever used any of these products, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch by commenting below or sending us an email: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah