Understanding how our pets are feeling can be difficult, no matter how well we think we can decipher their body language. But sometimes there are things we do which are guaranteed to get their hackles up and illicit an unhappy response. Fortunately, our dogs will love us no matter what and won’t pick us up on these annoyances.

  1. Teasing/fake fetch – you may think it’s clever, but pretending to throw the one thing your dog really wants is surely the most annoying thing ever! All your dog wants is to play with you, so get stuck in and give the ball a proper throw.
  2. Dressing up – admittedly it is pretty cute when you see a dog in a jumper or a sparkly bow tie, but you’re probably enjoying it much more than the dog in question. Unless your dog gets cold easily, try not to get too carried away with fancy fashions and stick to just dog coats and jackets. Your dog is going to be much more comfortable and more able to move about and do the things he enjoys.
  3. Too much alone time – dogs love company and would happily follow you to the ends of the earth. So it must be a real bore to them when you go off to work and leave them behind. Rest assured though that all will be forgotten the minute you walk back through the door!
  4. Eating a tasty meal in front of them - forget the fact your dog has probably already been fed and given several treats throughout the day, how unfair to feed yourself and not offer any to the starving pooch with the puppy dog eyes at your feet! Dry dog kibble is a far cry from the tasty steak you're tucking into, so we can hardly blame them for taking their chances.
  5. Being too snap happy - many humans find the pursuit of a perfect 'selfie' time-consuming and annoying, especially if they're being forced into photos they don't want to be in. Too many people crowding your dog can be hugely stressful, particularly if they're trying to manouvre your dog into the right position again and again. As photogenic as your dog may be, try to keep the selfies to a minimum.

As crazy as we probably drive our dogs on occasion, luckily for us they're a forgiving species and will forget all our flaws almost instantly! If you have any annoying human habits to add to our list, post them here or email us directly so we can add them :)

Written by: Hannah