Improving and maintaining top line is an important consideration for many horse owners and riders, especially at this time of year. We've asked some of equestrian sport's leading figures to give us their top tips on improving top line, plus a great video from Lynn Russel in which she highlights the fundamental things to remember.

Scott Brash (Show jumper) - "I have used Equitop Myoplast for several years and I believe it really supports muscle growth in my young horses and also my older horses who are competing at a high standard all year round."

Lynn Russell (Show horse producer and trainer) – “Make sure horses are kept in work all winter to help build muscular top line rather than fat. Feed them a top line conditioning feed that's high in oil content and if necessary choose a supplement for your horse. Contact your feed or supplement company to get advice so that is bespoke to your horse. Both Nettex and Baileys provide this service. When they are turned out put hoods on them and plenty of Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler to keep manes tangle free and help prevent rug rubs.”

Nicole Pavitt (International show jumper) - "Equitop Myoplast is an important and vital part of my horses’ management. It makes sense that if an animal is over 50% muscle we need to ensure that they have the building blocks to grow and maintain this. Equitop Myoplast provides these building blocks and muscle and athletic performance go hand in hand.”

Laura Renwick (Show jumper) – "A training system such as the Pessoa system is very good for building top line muscle - all mine get lunged in that once or twice a week depending on the horse. Also hill work where possible is great for building up their hind quarters."

William Whitaker (Show jumper) - "I’ve used Equitop Myoplast and Seraquin GLME in my horses for some time and simply wouldn’t use anything else to support their muscle growth and joints."

Corinne Collins (International show jumper) - "I’ve used many supplements to support my horses’ performance over the years, but Equitop Myoplast is the only one I wouldn’t be without. It supports muscle growth in my young horses, particularly in the weaker and slower developers and it also helps maintain muscular condition in my established horses. I am often complemented on how well my horses look and I tell everyone that Equitop Myoplast is the secret!"

If you have any tips of your own, we'd love to hear them! Feel free to comment here or email me directly: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah