[This article has been written and contributed by Royal Canin]

Every cat is unique and deserves a nutritional programme that respects its individual requirements, to help bring out its very best. We know this, and for more than 45 years ROYAL CANIN® has been developing expertise in specialised health nutrition, with exceptional palatability and digestive security.

While providing an optimal nutrient profile is central to the health nutrition philosophy, it is clear that diet format is an important choice too. Your choice will be influenced by your own cat’s preference, and by the relative benefits of the dry and wet formats, and it may be that feeding a combination of the two is the best match for your cat’s individual needs and preferences.

However, with combined feeding comes the potential for overfeeding and nutritional imbalance, so if you do choose to mix dry and wet, it is important to take in to account the increase of calories your cat could be consuming. Luckily, we have removed the guesswork, providing guidelines for combined feeding within our ranges.

So for each and every cat, it has never been easier to find the optimum solution from within our ranges, respecting nutritional needs, physiological status and preferences, offering tailored health nutrition without compromise. Each wet diet is carefully formulated with the same nutritional precision as the concentrated nutrition of our dry kibbles.

If you do consider mixed feeding for your cat, refill water bowls regularly, at least once a day. As although wet diets can increase your cat’s moisture intake it is still very important that they have access to clean, fresh water each day.


Written by: Hannah