If you live in a multi-cat household, you will probably have witnessed the occasional stand-off, spontaneous scrap or period of conflict between your cats, whether they venture outside or live exclusively indoors. These encounters are common in homes where two or more cats reside, as they are generally independent creatures that fiercely value their personal space and territory.

When co-habiting cats come to blows, harmony within the home is disrupted as their bad feeling towards one another manifests as fighting, hissing and growling, staring, chasing, and even blocking access to food bowls, litter trays and cat flaps. If the tension isn’t resolved quickly, cats can become injured, stressed and subsequently unwell, which is important to avoid.

To help combat feline conflict in the home, Ceva has introduced a revolutionary new product, Feliway Friends, which contains a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP). This particular pheromone is released by the mother shortly after giving birth to help her establish a bond with her kittens, and create a safe environment in which her offspring can develop.

Unlike the original Feliway (Feliway Classic) that contains the feline facial pheromone – a territorial pheromone released by cats when they are feeling happy, relaxed and secure in their environment, Feliway Friends helps to establish an atmosphere of harmony which in turn enables cats to live side-by-side without conflict.

For cats that urine mark, scratch furniture and display signs of general anxiety, particularly during travel or environmental change, Feliway Classic is the best product to use. However, for cats that display aggression towards other cats, whether through hissing, fighting, staring or obstructing, you need the cat appeasing pheromone found in Feliway Friends. The product is also effective against marking behaviour, with or without accompanying conflict.

So far there have been two published studies on the efficacy of Feliway Friends, but it is still early days and the product has only just been introduced to the market. Like Feliway Classic, Feliway Friends is available as a plug-in diffuser and 30-day refill, so can be placed in any room of the house (best located in the room most often used by your cats) and replenished for long-term usage. It is odourless, scientifically proven, trusted and safe.

If you have any questions about the new Feliway Friends product, please get in touch: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah