With the world's biggest dog show just around the corner, dog owners across the world will be grooming, primping and preening their pooches to get them in perfect shape for the canine extravaganza that will be Crufts 2012.

Running from March 8th-11th, the event will see 26,000 dogs from across the UK and the rest of the world travel to the NEC in Birmingham to participate in various exhibitions and compete for the prestigious Best in Show trophy.

From beagles and bloodhounds to collies and corgis, hundreds of breeds will enter the showring while dog lovers will also be kept entertained with a variety of other displays including agility, obedience and flyball.

Caroline Kisko, communications director for the Kennel Club, said: "The show remains the most important and anticipated date on any dog-lover's calendar and the 2012 event will focus on healthy, happy dogs and provide a wealth of information and entertainment for dog lovers of all ages."

And whether you're a top breeder preparing your star dog for the showring or you have a well-loved scruffy mutt curled up in front of the fire, keeping your four-legged friend fit, healthy and happy should be a priority for any pet owner.

While a bath and a good brush may be all very well, for a shiny coat and a wet nose the best place to start is with your dog's diet. With many dog foods containing artificial flavouring and other additives it really pays to spend some time finding the best food to keep your dog healthy and active.

Dry dog foods are often a good choice for most dogs, but for high-quality food with no added ingredients or fillers an increasing number of pet owners are turning to the raw pet food diet (also know as BARF).

By using frozen dog food that can be ordered pre-packaged online, pet owners can feed their animals a healthy raw diet free from any of the additives and preservatives that may feature in other dog foods.

Written by: Hannah