Faced with big brown puppy-dog eyes staring up at you it can be hard to resist slipping your pooch a sneaky treat from the dinner table or add a little extra tasty morsel to their dry dog food.

However, while most pet owners only mean well when treating their furry friend, by feeding your pup certain human foods you could unintentionally be harming your dog.

"Some foods that are fine for humans are toxic for dogs," warns Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko.

"Foods such as raisins, chocolate and grapes, and other household items such as paracetamol and plants like poinsettia, are all toxic for dogs, so be careful."

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, who opened up their database to reveal the human foods that poison the animals in the US, chocolate is the worst culprit, having contributed to 100,000 cases of pet poisoning in America last year.

Raisins, mushrooms, Xylitol (sweetener) and grapes are other foods that dog owners should keep away from the dog bowl, making up the top five most toxic foods for US pets.

And with pet obesity heading towards epidemic proportions in the UK, it pays to take some time to consider exactly what is going into your pet pooch.

"If you do want to give your pet a treat, most dogs are fine eating lean cuts of meat as long as they have been properly cooked and thoroughly cooled," said Laura Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder of Embrace.

"You can further decrease the opportunity of food related problems by removing all visible fat - including the skin on poultry and ensuring that there are no bones in meat before you give it to your dog."

With the benefits of prime cuts of meat becoming better known, many dogs owners are turning to the raw dog food diet to ensure their pet is getting the nutrients they need for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Dog owners can now purchase frozen dog food online at an affordable price, for a convenient and healthy way to feed your pet.

Written by: Hannah