Dobermans and terriers, Labradors and Chihuahuas - dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, and as such come with varying demands for how best to keep them entertained.

Whether it's a tennis ball to chase down the park or a chew toy to keep your pooch from taking their teeth to the family upholstery, there are a wide range of products available that can help keep your canine companion busy, and some may be better suited to certain breeds than others.

"Research the breed, what that breed needs and if you've got the time and energy to provide for them," said Carly Perry, the rehoming co-ordinator at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

Where some will be content to laze around and make the occasional trip to their bowl in search of some dry dog food, others may be more in need of a daily burst of exercise, with a run out down the park a good way to keep your mutt fit, healthy and happy.

These are all aspects for potential owners to consider before they take the big step of seeking a four legged friend with which they can share their home, and so making sure you've got enough time to cope with the demands of your chosen canine chum is important to ensuring a good relationship develops.

And as well as choosing the best means of entertainment for your pooch, it is also important to get the simple things right when adopting a dog.

"The basics, like a dog bed, bowls, food and things", are also highlighted by Ms Perry as necessities for owning a canine pal.

She added: "Specific toys for certain breeds is something we always advise to keep the dog stimulated and busy," giving people plenty to consider when choosing what breed it is that will best compliment their lifestyle.

Written by: Hannah