Between booking vaccinations, puppy-proofing the house and stocking up on dry dog food, it may seem like there are a million things to do when getting ready to bring a new dog into the house.

Therefore, it pays to take some time to prepare your home for the arrival of a little one.

And first on the list of preparations for a new dog is deciding on the right diet to feed your pooch. It is vital that a young canine receives all the nutrients they need accommodate an energetic puppy's lifestyle and to ensure that they grow up to become a fit and healthy dog.

It's a good idea to start your pooch off on a diet that been specially formulated for a young dog to give them the best start possible in life. Certain brands such as Burns dog food make products tailored for puppies which are a good choice for ensuring that your pooch is receiving a balanced diet.

The next step is to make sure that all members of the family are prepared for the new arrival, which includes kids and other pets. In general dogs and children make a great combination but only as long as your brood understand that a puppy will need time and space to settle in and are carefully supervised in the early days.

With other pets, particularly older dogs, the first introduction can be a little tricky. According to Stan Rawlinson, dog behaviourist and obedience trainer at, you need to be "very, very careful if you're bringing a puppy into another dog's household".

First of all make sure that your older dog is up-to-date with all their vaccinations and then choose an area when your canines can meet on neutral ground, ideally somewhere like a neighbour's garden.

It may take a bit of time, but with a little effort your new pup should become familiar with all family members and quickly settle into their new home.

Written by: Hannah