Not every workplace will open its doors to dogs, but those that do could reap the benefits in the form of better staff wellbeing and productivity.

A study by researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University has found that bringing your canine companion to the office can help relieve workplace stress and make you feel more content.

Commenting on the findings, Bill Lambert, health and breeder services manager at the Kennel Club, said psychologists have proven that having dogs around can trigger calming hormones.

"We find that places that have got dog-friendly policies do have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their workers," he remarked.

And it's not just reduced stress levels. Your dog still needs to be walked, so having him with you at work will encourage you to get away from your desk at lunchtime and out into the fresh air.

"That of course increases productivity and creativity," Mr Lambert noted.

It's good for your four-legged friend too. Dogs are social animals and they can become lonely and agitated if they are left alone for long periods of time.

"Dogs like company, they like being around people, so if they can just go to work and sit by the owner's desk they will be more than happy to do so," said the canine expert.

Of course you must ensure your pet is well trained and will not disturb your colleagues by jumping around the office or making a mess everywhere.

If it's a dog-friendly workplace, he should also be able to interact well with other dogs.

Another potential danger of taking your dog to work is that your colleagues could take it upon themselves to feed him treats and titbits during the day.

Make sure everyone in your office is aware of your dog's diet and perhaps keep a ready supply of premium dog food in the office to maintain your animal's feeding regime.

Written by: Hannah