With the warm weather rolling in, many of us will be looking forward to spending long evenings and lazy Sunday afternoons relaxing in the garden.

And not only is the garden a great place for us to enjoy the sunshine while we barbeque, sunbathe or just chill out with a good book, it's also an ideal area for your pooch to enjoy the summer.

However, while all dogs love being outdoors, an un-checked garden can present a number of hazards to your four-legged friend, so it's a good idea to take some time out to make sure your outside space is dog-friendly this summer.

Speaking to the Dog Daily, dog trainer Joel Silverman advises regularly checking your garden for areas of potential dangers such as such sharp objects or discarded tools that your pooch may be tempted to chew on.

"Fences, whether wooden or wire, often come loose and leave nails or sharp points that your dog may run into," he says.

"Gardening tools, toys and even left-behind clothing can be chewed and become potentially dangerous to your dog in your backyard."

Although it's usually a good idea to feed your canine their premium dog food inside, don't forget to leave a bowl of fresh, cool water out for your pup in the garden, as dogs can easily become dehydrated when running around in hot weather.

"Bowls can become very hot, heating the water in the bowl, so you'll want to check the location," Joel adds. "As the months progress and the sun moves, the bowl that was once in a cool spot may no longer be cool."

Finally, it is essential to make sure that your garden is secure, as an escaped canine could bring harm to themselves or other if they cause an accident, and there's nothing more distressing for a pet owner than a lost dog.

Therefore, it's a good idea to regularly make a circuit round your garden to check for any broken fencing or gaps a curious canine could sneak out of, and always make sure that gates are kept closed before you let your pup loose in the garden.

Written by: Hannah