We are constantly told by our dentist how important it is to look after our teeth, and most of us wouldn't dream of leaving the house in the morning or tuck ourselves into bed at night without having a good brush.

But what about Fido? Despite the fact that dental disease is very common among dogs, many pet owners will admit that they're not quite as strict with their pooch's dental routine as they are their own.

However, your dog's teeth and gums are as vulnerable to disease as your own are, so (if you haven't done so already) it is essential that you introduce dental care into your pup's daily routine.

Veterinary surgeon Marc Abraham points out: "Dogs can get lethargic and they become miserable because dental health not only affects the mouth, it affects the whole of your dogs' body so it is important to get it right and to keep your dogs mouth nice and clean."

The first step to a clean canine mouth is starting your four-legged friend on a healthy, nutritious diet that will benefit their teeth.

Although there are numerous types of food available, to achieve good canine oral health pet owners should choose a brand such as Hill's premium dog food.

This dry dog food has been formulated to keep your canine's teeth clean by controlling the bacteria found in plaque, as well as scrubbing plaque off the surface of your pup's gnashers.

The other key component of doggy dental care is teeth brushing. Ideally this should be done twice a day using toothpaste that has been specially designed for dogs and comes in several meaty flavours to make the experience an enjoyable one for your furry friend.

"The more we can prevent problems in the mouth, the happier and healthier your dog is, so the more money you save on looking after your dog," Marc adds.

"Allowing problems to build up, does take a lot of money to fix sometimes. It is all about prevention. Keep your dog happy and healthy and affordable as well."

Written by: Hannah