If you're thinking of introducing a new puppy to the family, you'll no doubt be looking forward to hours of fun playing in the garden and heaps of cuddles with your little one.

However, as every dog owner finds out, puppies can be a real handful and require plenty of time and attention - so it is essential that you think carefully about whether you are ready for the responsibility of a pooch before you bring your pup home.

"Getting a dog for a family is deserving of great consideration as, with the best will in the world, it is the parents who will be left with the work.

"So the parents need to consider if they have the time to educate the dog and the children in how to behave around each other."

As Steven points out, particularly if you have a couple of kids running around, the decision to own a pooch should not be taken lightly, and parents need to be sure they have the time and finances in place to be responsible dog owners.

And if you take the plunge and decide the time is right to bringing a new pup home, there are several important considerations worth bearing in mind for the early days of your dog's life.

Steven adds: "Diet and training are also vital for your new dog and parents need to ensure they source the best diet possible for their new arrival and make sure they have access to expert behavioural training."

Diet and nutrition are particularly important if you have a puppy or young dog on your hands, as your little one will have a lot or growing and playing to do in the first few months.

Therefore make sure you choose healthy and nutritious dry dog food to feed you pup on such as Arden Grange dog food, which offers a range of products to support your young 'un through all the stages of their growth.

Written by: Hannah