Summer has finally arrived and we're already counting down the days until we can forget work for a couple of weeks and escape the dreary British weather as we head off on holiday.

However, alongside splashing out on a holiday wardrobe and wondering where the hell you left your passport, the last few weeks before we head off to sunnier climes will invariably be filled with mad dashes to the gym to get in our body into shape for the beach.

But if you can't stand the thought of pounding the treadmill and pumping iron in sweaty gyms, there is an easier way to get fit - simply enlist the help of your pooch.

"Developing a fitness routine which sympathises with the health requirements of your pet can be a great idea," says Sarah Gould of Monster Pet Supplies.

"Walking or jogging with your dog, for example, can be a great source of exercise and promote a healthy heart for both of you."

A brisk walk around the park can be great for raising the heart rate and shedding a few pounds, but if you and your pup are in good enough shape, jogging can have even greater keep-fit benefits.

Even playing a game of ball with your pup or having a quick run-around the garden will help to get you both active and start feeling great for summer.

And don't let it stop here. Sarah suggests that you can even turn to Fido for a bit of inspiration to eat healthily.

She says: "We've also met owners who have been inspired by their dog's eating habits to try eating smaller meals more frequently or try lower calorie alternatives."

Although we're not advocating that you tuck into a plate of your pup's premium dog food, thinking carefully about how you control your canine companion's weight and ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients may help you to start thinking about how you can eat healthily yourself.

Written by: Hannah