With Britain finally enjoying a spate of shining sunshine and soaring temperatures, what better way to make the most of the warm weather than packing up the car with a picnic basket and some dry dog food to head out for a day trip with your canine companion?

Well this certainly seems to be the view of dog lovers across UK, as recent research has revealed that pet owners are more than willing to splash out to take their pooch on a road trip this summer.

A survey conducted by Confused.com has revealed that despite the rising cost of fuel, more than a quarter of dog owners said they are planning to make round trips of up to 101 miles, while 26 per cent said they intended to journey more than 201 miles with their pet pooch.

And all this travel doesn't come cheap. According to the study, dog owners will fork out a combined fuel bill of more than £18 million when road tripping with their four-legged friend.

Luckily, given that so many pups will be travelling by car this summer, the survey showed that dog owners are also willing to go to any lengths to ensure that their pet in comfortable in their vehicle.

A staggering 66 per cent of owners said they had changed their car for a more dog friendly vehicle that would comfortably transport their pooch long distances, while 49 per cent admitted that space was an important factor when deciding the type of car to buy.

"With one in two households owning a pet and 22 per cent of households now owning a dog, it's clear we're still a nation of animal lovers," commented Kate Rose, head of pet insurance at Confused.com.

"It's really encouraging to see dog owners wanting to care for their pets properly, by taking them out on a regular basis and understanding that pets need a vehicle that has room to move."

Written by: Hannah