When it's bright and sunny outside there's often nothing better than grabbing the dog lead, giving a whistle to Fido and heading out for a long walk in the countryside.

But on days when there are clouds in the sky, a constant drizzle and the temperatures are dipping, sometimes it can be hard to work up the momentum to drag yourself out the house to face the elements with your pooch.

However, come rain or shine it is essential that you ensure your pup gets their required amount of exercise on a daily basis, not only in order to keep them in good shape but also so they're calm and relaxed at home.

Therefore, if it's pouring down and the mercury is hovering around zero, rather than snuggling up with your pup on the sofa, dig out your wellies and raincoat, get outside and get active.

"Dogs obviously require daily walks every single day regardless of weather, [as well as] proper training, socialisation and off-lead control for good exercise," explained a spokeswoman for The Pet Experience, which provides dog training and pet behavioural services.

"High energy breeds and high intelligence breeds will need a huge amount of both physical and mental exercise and people should always research the breed extensively before getting a puppy or an older dog."

As The Pet Experience points out, dogs require mental stimulation as well as physical activity if they are to stay happy and healthy. While dog training classes are the best way to engage your pooch mentally, certain toys and basic training at home will also help keep an active mind busy.

Use some healthy dry dog food treats to hold your pup's attention and practise simple commands such as 'sit', 'stay' and 'come', or if you're feeling a little more adventurous, have a go at some basic tricks, including 'give a paw', 'catch a treat' or 'roll over'.

Written by: Hannah