With their daily walks involving running through fields, digging holes and rolling in the mud, it's not surprising that we find our canine companions are often rather grubby and can tend to smell a bit too.

And while a little bit of mud is all part and parcel of owning a pet pooch, if they're going to be running around the house it's a good idea to keep your dog as clean as possible.

Over the summer months, a good brush is usually all you need for a pristine coat, and for the most part grooming is enough to keep your pooch clean.

However, if your pet has rolled in mud and grime or is particularly smelly, it may be necessary to give them a good old bath.

In general, it is advisable to avoid bathing your dog more than a couple of times a year as it can make their coat dry and their skin irritable, and when you do it is important to use a shampoo specially designed for canines.

Lead your dog into the bath or shower and then make sure they are comfortable using plenty of praise and dry dog food treats or toys if necessary.

Then wet your pet's coat through using warm water before lathering in the shampoo, making sure you are careful around the eyes, nose and ears.

Once you've worked the grease and grime out of your dog's coat, it is important to ensure you rinse it through thoroughly, as soap left on the skin can make your pooch itchy and uncomfortable.

Finally, before your pup gets the chance to shake and soak you all over, find an old towel and dry their coat through as best you can and then keep your pooch in a warm room until all the moisture has gone.

Written by: Hannah