With the likes of Mo Farah, Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington - to name just a few - all bagging medals over the past two weeks, it's safe to say that this Olympics has been one of the most successful ever for Team GB.

However, while we may have waved our flags and cheered until we were hoarse, have the victories of our winning athletes inspired us to hit the running track, jump in the swimming pool or grab a bike?

Well, apparently not if recent research by the Kennel Club is anything to go by. In a new study the organisation found that a mere four per cent of people feel the 2012 Games has inspired them to get fit.

However, while world-famous athletes may not be enough to encourage us to get active, it seems that our pets are, as the research also revealed that a staggering 50 per cent of dog owners were inspired to get fit by their pet pooch.

"We feel that this new research demonstrates the impact that having a dog can make to owners' health and fitness," commented Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary.

"Being a dog owner involves lots of walking, and a third of dog owners use walking their dog as a main form of exercise. There are also lots of other sports that people can participate in such as agility."

Not only do dogs make great workout buddies, but they are also ideal dieting partners if both you and your pup need to lose a few pounds from around the middle.

Many dog owners have noticed that when they start reducing their pet's portion sizes and feeding them on a healthier premium dog food, they too are inspired to cut back on the sugary snacks and opt for more nutritious foods.

"People are leading more and more sedentary lifestyles which is having a worrying effect on people's health," added swimmer and Olympic silver medalist Sharron Davies.

"The most important thing when exercising is to do something fun that you will stick to, so working out with your dog is an ideal solution."

Written by: Hannah