We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy and in the best condition they can be and many owners will go out of their way to ensure that their pooch's every need is catered for with the best premium dog food and luxury bedding.

However, one of the top ways to ensure that your pet is well-cared for is the simplest and cheapest of all - taking them out for a good long walk.

"All dogs need daily exercise, and the best way to keep your dog mentally stimulated is to keep him active, through exercise," says Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club communications director.

Not only will plenty of physical activity keep your pooch fit and healthy, but it will prevent them from becoming bored and acting destructively around the house.

Indeed, many canine behavioural problems such as chewing on furniture, digging in the garden and barking at the front door are often put down to boredom and lack of mental stimulation.

Therefore, it is essential that all owners ensure they make the time to get outside and give their dog the right amount of exercise, dependent on their age, breed and personality.

For some dogs this may be a couple of 20 minute strolls around the park, while other high-energy breeds like Jack Russells and Border collies may require a little more physical activity.

And if you want to mix it up a bit and have a go at something different, there are plenty of clubs that offer fun canine activities, which are ideal for meeting other like-minded owners and socialising your pooch.

"Your dog should be socialised and be in regular contact with other people and other dogs, to keep socially stimulated," adds Caroline.

"Training development with your dog will also keep him stimulated, as can the array of dog activities on offer - from agility and heelwork to music, to working trials and flyball."

Written by: Hannah