Almost every dog lover has at some point wondered what their four-legged friend gets up to when they’re left at home alone.

Now new technology could give pet owners the chance to spy on their pooches, a development that could also help them keep a close eye on their dog’s private life and exercise regime.

Named quite simply Tagg, the newly-launched device fits snugly onto a dog’s collar and uses an in-built accelerometer to monitor how much - or how little - the animal moves about on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The dog’s owner can then download the information onto a computer to determine whether or not their pet is getting the two hours of daily exercise that vets recommend, or if instead they need to be fed less premium dog food and taken to the park more often.

What’s more, as an added bonus, the Tagg also comes with an in-built tracking system, making it possible to make use of GPS technology to pinpoint a dog’s location any time of the day.

Again, this information can be viewed on a computer, giving owners the chance to see where their best friend goes when he’s off the leash, plus an alarm will automatically go off if the pet goes outside of a specified zone.

But before owners start kitting their dogs out with the latest technology, they first need to make sure that they invest in a good quality, proper-fitting collar.

According to experts, collars that stretch are both safer and more comfortable for the dogs themselves, with these being particularly good for growing puppies.

However, while out and about, even the loosest of nylon collars could choke a dog that enjoys pulling on the lead, making a proper harness essential.

By distributing the dog’s whole weight across its chest rather than just on its neck, the harness can discourage pulling while also making it easier for a pooch to breath properly while out and about.

Written by: Hannah