If you own a pet pooch you'll know that there are a whole range of different dog foods out there all claiming to provide specific nutrients, flavours and ingredients.

But whatever diet or dog food brand you choose for your canine companion, alongside other key components such as carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, it is essential that it contains a good source of protein.

We only need to look at our four legged friends' ancestry to know that protein obtained from meat is an important part of their diet and one that owners should make sure they consider carefully when it comes to feeding time.

High quality animal-source proteins found in chicken, lamb, fish and beef contain amino acids which are the building blocks of your dog's body, ensuring that their hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage are all in good condition.

And if your pup is not getting enough protein in their diet you may find that they suffer from poor growth, loss of muscle bulk, poor coat condition and an increased risk of infection through weaker immunity.

Most high quality dog food brands such as Burns Pet Nutrition, Arden Grange and James Wellbeloved will contain the right balance of protein and other essential ingredients.

However, an increasing number of owners are opting to feed their pets on the raw dog food diet (also known as the BARF diet), to ensure that their four-legged friend is receiving a high quality source of protein and getting the most out of their food.

Often the easiest way to feed this diet is through pre-packaged frozen meat for dogs, which can be ordered through Berriewood online and comes in a choice of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and fish - as well as organ tissues such as tripe, liver and heart - all free from additives and preservatives.

This way you can be see for yourself that your pup is eating prime cuts of meat and is enjoying high-quality protein sources at dinnertime.

Written by: Hannah